And the CLA Game Fair came around again…. 25th-27th July and one of the hottest weekends of the year. A loose arrangement was made by some Piscators to hook up on the Saturday, but with 500 odd acres of site and pushing 30 degrees, it was an effort…

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John and I were camping the Saturday night but, for one reason or another, arrived late afternoon, and after pitching the tent in the campground, we hightailed it to the fishing village.  John pretty quickly met up with various cronies while I grabbed a chair, a cold drink and a nice piece of shade looking down towards the water and the fishing displays.

 As the day started to wind down, the Pike family (Sally, Theo and Winnie) found us and we headed towards the Wild Trout Trust tent where they were holding a celebratory 10th anniversary drinks.  Very pleasant – good to get out of the sun and a very friendly crowd.  Bridget Peacock turned up from the Riverfly Partnership tent, along with others from the fishing village fraternity.

Speeches were lined up and after a talk about the aims of the Wild Trout Trust and the current goals towards regenerating urban rivers, the WTT’s prestigious annual Bernard Venables Award was sprung on none other than our very own Theo Pike – for the Wandle Trust’s contribution to regenerating the Wandle and Theo’s own personal contribution of his time and energy to the cause.  The assembled Piscators made far more noise (clapping, cheering, whistling) than their actual numbers warranted, but the award was well deserved and there was a real interest by others at the event, in what we and the Trust are doing in our part of the world.

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As the Pikes headed off for a long drive north on hols, Theo clutching his award (along with shopping bags, wife and Winnie), John and I wandered back for a meal and a spectacular sunset over the site that evening.

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