A little later in the year than some of our previous AGMs, this year’s Wands’ AGM took place as usual in the upper room of our mid-river clubhouse, the William Morris at Merton Abbey Mills.

With proceedings steered by Senior Vice President Will “Riverfly” Tall, reports were presented …

constitutional updates were discussed and voted on …

… and a new year’s Committee was duly elected.

Then, having wrapped up the evening’s formal business in good order, a different kind of business took centre stage…

… the Club’s second annual Tackle Auction, expertly conducted by our favourite silver-tongued master of the blarney, Jim Dillon. 

As a result, one or two of us may have woken up with an extra rod, reel, book or bunch of fly-tying materials the following morning… but hey, what’s a little bargain between friends?

Thanks once again to everyone who’s helped make this year such a success for the Wandle Piscators and the Wandle generally.

And as we so often say, may there be many more!

(All photos: thanks to Duncan Soar)

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