The Wandle Piscators’ Data Protection Policy

Membership details including name, address and date of birth are held for each member of the Wandle Piscators in electronic format on a computer.

Why do the Wandle Piscators hold membership data and what is it used for?

The Wandle Piscators use membership data to assist with the effective running of Club activities. Confirmation of membership details may also be required by our insurers in the event of potential claims arising from the actions of Club members or from activities organised by the  Wandle Piscators.

The Wandle Piscators may share aggregated membership data with third parties in order to secure commercial sponsorship or grant funding. No third party will be permitted by the club to contact members without prior permission being obtained from the members concerned. No third party will be permitted to use membership data for any purpose which may impact on the legal rights or welfare of the members without the express permission of the individuals concerned. The Wandle Piscators may distribute appropriate promotional material on behalf of third parties, such as  sponsors, to members from time to time together other with Club information.

Can members gain access to their personal record held by the Wandle Piscators?

Unless restricted by law, all members may request a copy of their own membership data held by the club by applying in writing to the Membership Secretary. The club is entitled to charge a fee of up to £10 for this service. A club member may only obtain access to their own record and not data about any other individual.