To fish here you must…

  1. Be a member of the Wandle Piscators
  2. Respect all users of the common, the lake, its wildlife and the fish and ensure that noise levels are kept to a minimum
  3. Fish along this side of the pond and between this sign and its partner sign at the other end of the lake during the hours of daylight (between sunrise & sunset)
  4. Access the lake by foot and using designated paths from off-site parking
  5. Make sure that no litter or discarded fishing line is left on site and any litter found at your swim must be removed by you before you leave
  6. Only fish with rod and line and with no more than two rods per angler only. No rod may be left unattended
  7. You must have and use a fish-friendly knotless mesh landing net and an unhooking mat
  8. Use barbless and micro-barbed hooks only
  9. Ensure that all fish are returned to the water alive and unharmed
  10. If under the age of 12, fish with an adult
  11. Obey Council Byelaws (received upon becoming a member and displayed on the sign nearest Cannon Hill Lane) and comply with all ad-hoc care and management guidelines that may have to be issued on a short-term basis for the good of the lake
  12. Carry a current Wandle Piscators membership card & an Environment Agency fishing licence when fishing at
    the lake. If asked, show them to other club members, Council officers, Environment Agency bailiffs or
    Police officers.


  1. Parking on the common
  2. Fishing during the closed season (15 March to 15 June inclusive)
  3. Fly fishing
  4. Illegal lead shot
  5. Electric bite alarms
  6. Bait boats or remote control units
  7. Open tins or glass bottles are permitted on the bankside. Baits such as sweetcorn and meat must be stored in bait boxes.
  8. Pre-baiting swims or dumping of bait in the lake at the end of your session. Please take it home.
  9. Keepnets except in organised matches. All keepnets must be made from fish-friendly knotless mesh with a minimum circumference of 120cm and length of 2m
  10. Night fishing, bivvies, tents or camping overnight
  11. Radios
  12. Alcohol
  13. Fires or cooking stoves
  14. Firearms or weapons of any sort are permitted
  15. Wading within the Lake
  16. Swimming
  17. Cutting or trimming of any foliage in or on water or land without the Council’s permission
  18. Fish stocking without Environment Agency Section 30 Consent and the prior approval of the Club and Council.

In the event of any member conducting him/herself as, in the opinion of the committee, to injure the welfare or reputation of the club or to contravene any of the club rules and/or byelaws, the committee may summon such member to appear before them to explain his or her conduct. The committee shall then have the power to expel the offending member from the club.