Morden Hall Park

We are pleased to announce the fishing permitted areas of our new lease with the National Trust at Morden Hall Park. As per the maps the red lines are the permitted areas and the yellow area is the designated fly fishing section.

We have been in long negotiations with the the managers of NT MHP regarding the fishing areas and how to improve the angling within the park. You will have noticed the the Whitehouse area has been removed by the Nation Trust, this was due to many problems there and the owners of the house, so the Trust is very reluctant to allow fishing there. We as a club hope to change that and we have suggested some options to the Trust, but we are a new club to them so we have to prove ourselves and that includes you our members. The other area that has been removed is the pond in Watermeads, both the EA and the Wild Brown Trout Trust did surveys and investigations and both concluded that it is not a viable fishery and is devoid of fish. We have said to the NT that serious funding and correct management is needed to return this to a fishery. We are in constant communications with the NT to gain more areas to fish.

This year we will also apply for our annual fish stocking quota which will of course be concentrated in MHP.

Once the new season starts you will hopefully meet some of us the committee and the team of Bailiffs who have very kindly volunteered their time to help protect the club and the river, please make sure you have your membership card on hand to show them and report anything you think they should know about.

Also the youth coaching sessions will start and over the summer at least 8 members have volunteered to become coaches and are taking part in an Angling Trust course.

We the committee thank you for your support and wish you a very successful season ahead,

Tight lines.