Dace on little black gnats, chub on big juicy daddies, barbel on heavy bugs… here at the Wandle Piscators, we reckoned we had a pretty good grasp of the flies that catch coarse fish.

Then again, maybe not.  Recently we’ve heard of someone who doesn’t just target cyprinids on the fly, but also designs flies especially for them.

And then, just to prove there really is justice in the world, proceeds to hook up with monsters like this:


So we thought we’d better ask “Skateboard Dave” Egginton – for it is he – down to the Wandle to tell us all he knows.  (And raid his flybox while we’re at it).

He’ll be addressing us from 7.30pm this Thursday 8 May in the small downstairs function room at Morden Hall.

This event is open to everyone at a cost of just £5 on the door: come along and talk to one of the UK’s most innovative and thinking all-round anglers!

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