The ‘Wands’ at Wherwell (February 16th 2008)

After an almost lethal dose of caffeine and hence the hair-raising white-knuckled drive down to Hampshire in Andy’s metallic blue mean machine, the Wands, well at least this strung out one along with Will and Dave, were finally on their first ‘official’ club outing. Wherwell trout fishery, our chosen destination, welcomed this motley crew at around 9am.





Driving into the fishery’s car park, expectation was high and we all were eager to hit the river, that is, until the suggestion of a cooked breakfast. Rods abandoned and the fishing momentarily forgotten, we crammed into the wooden fishing hut along with all 13 other members who had arrived before and tucked into some good old traditional egg and bacon sandwiches which were graciously, or should I say thoughtfully prepared by the Bishops.



John & Jo Breakfast Pre fishing Will & Nick

High cholesterol level aside, the meeting and chatting to other members took the better part of an enjoyable hour. Meeting people from all walks of life and among these some real characters is one of the enjoyments one gets out of fishing, a thing this club is definitely not lacking!

We then slowly made our way out onto the river, prospecting as we went in search of the ‘lady of the stream’, while John, the caster amongst us, was on hand to give casting tips on the lake.

The Test Valley setting was spectacular, with a variety of Test carriers to choose from.


Promising waters


 Main carrier Lovely stretch of water


The bright hot day, with only a whisper of wind, made for slow fishing, and any critter that had fins would vanish in a blink as our shadows pre-empted our first attempts at casting to them.

Lunch came round too soon as by then most members were enjoying an unusually beautiful February day and some, the thrill of the odd fish at the end of their lines.


 Brownie from Top Carrier


Back in the hut, Jo outdid herself again with a hearty goulash that renewed the weakening minds of those of us who had had a tough morning. Talk centered on our beloved River Wandle and digression allowed for further discussion and rumination on many a fishing topic.

Replenished and resolved to the last, we set forth to continue fishing until sundown.




The camaraderie, food and of course the fishing were enjoyed by all and the day was a great success. Congratulations are due to those that caught fish, stuck it out on a difficult day and especially to Jo and John for having organized the outing.

Oh, one last point…who says that one last cast doesn’t make any difference, as one lucky member caught this fine 21inch, 3.5lb trout in the gloaming.




Here’s to the next outing!


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