Well the rain got the better of July’s trip to the Royalty Fishery with Fishery Manager, Dave Burgess, recommending us not to undertake the trip all the way down to Christchurch with the river being unsuitable for fly fishing for the sea trout due to the heavy rain during the week.

Royalty Fishery - the parlour pool

I was in two minds myself, knowing that high, coloured water spells great barbel fishing – I had however, set my heart on hunting down some of the huge perch that inhabitat this awesome stretch of river so reluctantly conceded defeat, knowing that murky water would not help my cause.

I couldn’t waste my fishing pass though so Adrian and I decided to cast a line on the Wandle instead. After enjoying my lie in it was off to sunny Merton for our fishing, not quite the Hampshire countryside planned for, but at least there was the chance of some fish. Leaving Adrian to cast a fly for some chub I set up with the trusted float rod and centrepin, and armed with some maggots set off to catch some fish before lunch. Well I must say it ended up being a pretty good morning’s fishing, with a few small roach, half a dozen chub all between 1-2lb and 2 cracking dace about 6oz each. Obviously all rounded off with people advising me that there were no fish in the river.

To finish our morning off we decided that Adrian was really too old not to have coarse fished so I acted as ghillie while he cast out to one of my favourite trotting swims. First cast, a lovely little roach. Followed by another. Then a dace. 20 minutes later he’s got 3 roach (with the pick of the bunch below), a chub and a dace and we decide to head off to the pub having both had great fishing; obviously the beginner had the statutory helping of luck (or it could have been my superb tackle setup and great ghillie service).

A lovely Wandle roach

Not bad for your first ever coarse fishing session, eh? Sorry Adrian, looks like you’ll have to buy yet another rod and reel! Just as an aside, the Royalty trip has not been cancelled. We’re having another crack at those big barbel and perch on 27th September. If you’re interested, get over to the member’s forum and put your name down on the list.

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