Yes, Iceland looks like where it’s happening.

Despite early billing in the last years’ global economic meltdown, followed by slight delays to the world’s flight plans (which apparently still reduced the world’s carbon output, notwithstanding the size of that ash plume – thanks Eyjafjallajokull!) it’s the home of Orri Vigfusson’s North Atlantic Salmon Fund, some of the conservation industry’s most successful salmon hatcheries… and probably the best dry-fly trout fishing in the world apart from the Wandle.

Now, Iceland is all over the angling media again, with headline billing in Nick Reygaert’s ongoing Fly Fishing Film tour which a few lucky Piscators caught last week in London…

Salmon, brown trout, char, sea trout: you name ‘em, they were there, and they were caught… and so was the Wild Trout Trust’s very own Paul Procter whose article on Icelandic browns appears in December’s Trout and Salmon magazine.

Can all these stories just be a coincidence? We think not.

Darling, the piggy bank’s here, but where did you put my sledgehammer?

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