“Let’s get one thing straight… Some folks think that naming and recognising different tactics is “elitist” (which I’m told is a “bad thing”). I’m just not too sure on how that fits with me being a bait angler, fly fisher, sea angler, Czech nympher, French leader fisher, largemouth bass/finesse worm angler – all at the same time. For me, recognising that folks have put a ton of effort into developing great tactics just makes them even more enjoyable to learn about and use.

Basically, you should take what you want from this – I’m not here to tell you how you should fish; only how you CAN fish (and catch more than your fair share if you want to).

And if you do want to catch a few more fish than the average Joe, I’m here to tell you that is WAY easier if you’re able to recognise the differences between different methods and traditions. Overall, the best chance of appreciating the beauty in any technique – is to try all techniques if you have the opportunity. More on that later.

Because I need to keep things focused on what I can help you most with, this article will stick to running water and European grayling…”

Want to read more?  Then click here and enjoy.  Thank you to Paul Gaskell for writing the original, and also to  Theo for sending me the link to the article.

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