Adrian's pike 1

A few weeks ago the prospect of a mixed-method, multi-species bonanza on a different chalkstream was all it took to tempt a dozen Wandle Piscators to get out of town for the day…

… to fish the famous waters of the River Kennet at Barton Court.

The sun shone, the promised rain held off until late afternoon, and by that time plenty of grayling and “angry, feisty, powerful” pike had already been landed.

Even the trout seemed willing to overlook huge hooks and wire traces to inhale outsize predator flies in any colour as long as they were black!

Many thanks to Steve for organising this trip – and to the landlord of the local pub for providing almost a year’s supply of crisps in a single evening!

Barton Court

John trotting for grayling

Greg's angry 10lb pike



Andreas playing a grayling

Alex with pike fly

Pike portrait

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